Integration & Migration services

Solid solution

A flexible and quick process

Our software can be integrated in record time and with a very simple process. You can customise the solution according to your needs, being able to even change the data feed.

We are migration specialists. If you already have an odds service and want to change to ours, we can provide a specific solution for a fast and easy migration.

Promotional codes

Almost a plug and play solution. We send you the codes to help you cover your needs and facilitate the integration of the solution.

Integration and Migration
  • Reliable service

  • Powerful pricing

  • Easy plug in

Software languages

We provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) to our clients using mainly Java and Doppler languages.

Commercial agreement & Integration process

Easiest integration process
  • 01

    Contract signing

    After showing you the product with a demo and giving you all the necessary Skype support, the contract is signed.

  • 02

    SDK Shipment

    We send you our Software Development Kit and all the necessary documentation.

  • 03

    Service connection

    Connect our service with yours and simply start receiving data.

  • 04


    Adapt every aspect of the software according to your needs, even the data feed!

  • 05


    A team of experts is always available to help you with any doubt or problem.

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Contact our team and we will answer your questions as fast as we make our integrations.

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